Clouds of War

Clouds of WarAfter fleeing London, the crew of the Horizon finds themselves out of work, luck, and money. However, there are plenty of opportunities for a brave captain willing to risk his airship and crew transporting military supplies in Crimea. War is building across Europe, and tens of thousands of soldiers are dropping dead from starvation and disease across the Crimean peninsula. With the Horizon‘s strength and the resoluteness of her captain and crew, the airship can keep soldiers alive and assist with the war efforts.

With time running out to pay his blood debt on the Horizon, Captain Roberts is compelled to risk all in Crimea, pushing his men and airship through raging battlefields, ferocious cold, and attacking Russian airships. But perhaps most dangerous is the cunning, beautiful reporter who pursues the Horizon across nations, keeping the airship splayed across London’s newspapers while highlighting the monstrosities of the Crimean War for all Europe to read.

Clouds of War is available on Amazon on Kindle and paperback