About the Author

1Melissa Ann Conroy is a steampunk author and world traveler who makes her home in Nebraska. She studied medieval English literature, earning a B.A. from Toccoa Falls University and an M.A. from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Over the years, Melissa has held an odd collection of jobs. She taught college-level composition courses for several years and spent a year in front of the camera as an ESL instructor on a weekly English-learning TV show. She did a stint as a producer for an international education organization and is currently a medical helicopter dispatcher.

Melissa was introduced to steampunk several years ago by a former roommate who loved blasting Abney Park around the house. A chance meeting with the Steampunk Society of Nebraska at a con a few years later was the catalyst for what was eventually to become an obsession and the inspiration for a steampunk novel.

One novel idea became a trilogy concept, then a series, and Melissa decided it was time to put fingers to keyboard and finally get writing. In the summer of 2012, she left her job to spend six months as a starving artist typing out the draft for the first two books of her steampunk series. Steam on the Horizon the first book of the Aether Saga, made its publishing debut in May 2013. Clouds of War, the second book in the series, became available September 2014. Opium Skies, the third book, will arrive sometime summer/fall of 2015. Melissa expects the Aether Saga will be 7-8 books total, but her verbosity and tendency to write long sentences means that each book will probably become progressively fatter.

Aside from writing, Melissa has managed to cram a number of odd hobbies and adventures into her life. She has wandered across Mexico, Honduras, Canada, Spain, Morocco, England, Scotland, Belgium, France and Gibraltar throughout her years. She claims Oxford as her true alma mater after a brief study abroad session at Wycliffe College and plans on eventually writing a steampunk book set in Oxford so she has an excuse to return. Melissa holds a black belt in Japanese sword fighting, has a solid low soprano voice, and does a mighty fine River Song cosplay.