The Steampunk World of Melissa Ann Conroy

Melissa Ann Conroy is the author of the Aether Saga, a historical steampunk novel series set in 1854-1857. Her novels Steam on the Horizon and Clouds of War are available on Kindle and paperback. The remaining 5-6 books in the series will be available as quickly as Melissa can write them or approximately one per year.

On this site, you can read excerpts from the novels, pick up on writing tips Melissa has to offer from her seven years of teaching experience, and keep an eye out for more steampunk goodies to follow.

Melissa has tried (and abandoned) Twitter, but you can follow her on Facebook for more steampunk-inspired stuff. You can also check out posts on her prior blog page for more steampunk inspiration, costume tips, and crafting projects.

Happy steampunk reading!